Austrian Empire Crownlands 1851

Basic Information
Name Austrian Empire Crownlands 1851
Description The basis of this data set is build on a map of Austria from 1835 by Anton Floder available through Sammlung Woldan. To adapt the data set and to provide widely harmonized data, also for the following decades, other historical maps were used as well for cross checking the borders and for data amendment. Following maps were used for comparing and adjusting the data set: Koenigreich Ungarn mit Kroazien, Slavonien, 1835 by Streit and Fischer (Rumsey Collection) Böhmen, Mähren und Osterreichisch-Schlesie, 1905 by Andree and Scobel (Rumsey Collection) Kärnthen, Krain, Görz-Gradisca, Istrien, Triest, 1855 by Flemming (Rumsey Collection) Galizien, Ungarn und Nebenländer, 1868 by Kiepert (Rumsey Collection) Das Koenigreich Galizien, 1832 by Geographisches Institut (Weimar), Weiland (Rumsey Collection) Oesterreich, 1849 by Radefeld (Rumsey Collection) Jaworzno - w granicach Rzecpospolitej Krakowskiej w latach, 1815-1846 Die Herzogthumer Steiermark, Karnten, Krain, 1866, Geographisches Institut (Weimar) Ungarn, Galizien, 1855, by Kiepert (Rumsey Collection) Oesterreich, 1856 by Czoernig (Woldan Collection) In order to improve geometry accuracy also other available vector data sets were used and adapted, viz.: data provided by the Mosaic Project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (Project Number: P 21257, and the © OpenStreetMap collaborative project ( Anna Piechl was responsible for reviewing the existing, provided data sets, for data consolidation and harmonization, and for data editing based on research by Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria. Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria was responsible for historical investigation and validation, in particular for reviewing the created data sets, for data harmonization and for research on administrative structures in the time period and on the dates of existence of the respective administrative units (time spans between formation and disintegration).
Quote Anna Piechl / Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria, "Austrian Empire Crownlands 1851", based on Woldan: Floder, Österreich, 1835; Census Mosaic: Europe Main, 1900; Rumsey: Andree, Scobel, Böhmen, 1905; Rumsey: Radefeld, Oesterreich, 1849; Rumsey: Streit, Ungarn, 1835; Rumsey: GI Weimar, Galizien, 1832; Rumsey: Andree, Böhmen, 1905; Rumsey: Flemming, Kärnthen, 1855; Eduś - IBR Biblioteki Śląskiej w Katowicach, Jaworzno, 2015; Woldan: Czoernig, Oesterreich, 1856 and © OpenStreetMap contributors; published by Histogis
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