Austro-Hungarian Empire Stateborders 1870

Basic Information
Name Austro-Hungarian Empire Stateborders 1870
Description Do provide widely harmonized data sets the data is based on an initial dataset from 1835 based on a map from Anton Floder (Woldan: Floder, Oesterreich, 1835). To improve data quality the data set was also cross-checked with a map from Karl von Czörnig (Rumsey: Czoernig, Oesterreich, 1856). In order to enhance geometry accuracy other available already existing vector data sets and maps were used to complete and adapt the data set, viz.: data provided by Europe 1900 was provided by the Mosaic project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P 21257; P 21257; the © OpenStreetMap collaborative project ( for Kraków a map from the Silesian library in Katowice (Eduś - IBR Biblioteki Śląskiej w Katowicach; Jaworzno, 2015). for controlling the borders of Hungary and Transylvania a map from Richard Andree and Albert Scobel (Rumsey: Andree, Scobel, Ungarn und Galizien, 1940) from 1904 was used. to check the borders from Carinthia and the Austrian Littoral also a map from Andree and Scobel was used (Rumsey: Andree, Scobel, Nieder- und Ober- Österreich, 1905) Anna Piechl was responsible for reviewing the existing, provided data sets, for data consolidation and harmonization, and for data editing based on research by Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria. Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria was responsible for historical investigation and validation, in particular for reviewing the created data sets, for data harmonization and for research on administrative structures in the time period and on the dates of existence of the respective administrative units (time spans between formation and disintegration).
Quote Anna Piechl / Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria, "Austro Hungarian Empire 1870", based on Woldan: Floder, Oesterreich, 1835; Census Mosaic: Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1910 and © OpenStreetMap contributors published by Histogis
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