Europe Stateborders 1850

Basic Information
Name Europe Stateborders 1850
Description For this data set the europe_adm1_1815 and europe_adm1_1835 data sets were adopted and adapted. The two data sets are mostly based on maps of Europe by Adrien Hubert Brue, 1816 (Rumsey Collection) the Netherlands and Luxembourg by Carl Ferdinand Weiland, 1817 (Rumsey Collection) the Austrian Monarchy by Anton Floder, 1835 (Woldan Collection) Turkey in Europe by John Arrowsmith, 1832 (Rumsey Collection) Greece by Heinrich Kiepert, 1853 (Rumsey Collection) Lake Constanz by the Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation Bayern, 2010 (Bodensee Geodatenpool) Republic of Cracow by Eduś - IBR Biblioteki Śląskiej w Katowicach, 2015 In order to improve geometry accuracy also other available vector data sets were used and adapted viz.: data provided by the Mosaic Project ( the Geo-Larhra Catalogue ( the © OpenStreetMap collaborative project ( For the creation of the 1850 map, no additional data sources were needed than those listed above. Antonia Dückelmann was responsible for reviewing the existing, provided data sets, for data consolidation and harmonization, and for data editing based on research by Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria. Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria was responsible for historical investigation and validation, in particular for reviewing the created data sets, for data harmonization and for research on administrative structures in the time period and on the dates of existence of the respective administrative units (time spans between formation and disintegration).
Quote Antonia Dückelmann / Peter Paul Marckhgott-Sanabria, "Europe State Borders 1850", based on Rumsey: Brue, Europe 1816; Woldan: Floder, Oesterreich, 1835; Rumsey: Weiland, Niederlande nebst Luxemburg, 1817; Rumsey: Arrowsmith, Turkey in Europe, 1832; Rumsey: Kiepert, Hellas oder Griechenland, 1853; Bodensee Geodatenpool: Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation Bayern, Bodensee Karte 3 - Staatsgebiete, 2010; Eduś - IBR Biblioteki Śląskiej w Katowicach, Jaworzno, 2015; Geo-Larhra: Territoires de l'Italie, 1847; Census Mosaic: German Union, 1850; Census Mosaic: Europe Main, 1900; Census Mosaic: Bordering Continents, 1900 and © OpenStreetMap contributors; published by Histogis
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